Elizabeth Brink, Neurodiversity Coach

Elizabeth Brink headshot 2021.jpg

Coach Elizabeth Brink (she/her) helps neurodivergent people cultivate self-trust to design a life that fits.

Her integrated approach is focused on self-acceptance and body-based awareness and empowers her clients to embrace their uniquely beautiful way of moving through the world.

Her clients have a range of backgrounds, including educators, therapists, at-home mothers, engineers, and artists. They are building the skills to coach themselves through their personal and professional lives.  

Trained and mentored by some of the ADHD coaching greats, Nancy Ratey, Linda Roggli, and Denslow Brown, Elizabeth is committed to ongoing learning. She focuses on chronic stress, trauma, body-based/somatic practices, and self-partnership within the framework of ADHD coaching.

Before coaching, Elizabeth enjoyed a career in project management, corporate communications, and employee engagement in big tech, non-profits, and for a boutique strategy consulting firm. She understands what it's like for women with ADHD in the workplace.

Located in Kansas City, MO with her husband and two young children, Elizabeth spends her off-work time chasing, baking, and listening to neuroscience podcasts.


Juanita Cox, Editor


Juanita Cox (she/her) has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Writing and is published by A Practical Wedding, the Red Penguin Collection, and The Public Goods Blog. 

She is a passionate lifelong learner and advocate for marginalized communities and has found a lot of joy in learning more about neurodivergence in her collaboration with Thriving Sister Coaching.  

You can connect with Juanita on LinkedIn!

When not writing Juanita is often found enjoying her hometown Boston with her husband, drinking coffee, and spoiling her cat.