Understand overwhelm and begin to manage it in less than 5 hours


Does this sound familiar?

You are working hard - you’ve got the headaches and heartburn to prove it. You feel like you're drowning in to-do lists you can't find. 

If you don't put off paying the bill, cleaning the mess, taking a shower, acknowledging the sulking kid, or your own bedtime, then you'll never get a moment to yourself. 

You love your family fiercely but rarely feel like you're doing your best. 

You swing between feeling productive and happy to overwhelmed and lazy.

All the answers and quick tips you need are just a click away - you've seen them floating around social media. 

You stay up way too late scanning infographics when you remember you needed to buy new toothbrushes, and "suddenly" find yourself researching the island where someone you don't know is visiting.

Prioritizing what matters most to you is impossible. 

Maybe you don't even know what's on that list.


What if you could...

  • Change your perspective on yourself and your performance in every role

  • Prevent meltdowns and have more time connecting with your people

  • Confidently set realistic goals for yourself

  • Filter out the "shoulds" and stop wasting time trying to fit into a box not made for you

  • Feel normal and less alone

Every Thrive Group Mama is a VIP

  • 4+ hours of curated and moderated discussions to address your biggest challenges, guided LIVE by a trained ADHD coach

  • Unlimited support via messenger app during the program

  • Connect with a select group of women with unique perspectives

  • Want to dig deeper? Thrive Mamas get a 1:1 coaching session at a discount

Colorful Flowers

Thrive Group is perfect for you if...

  • You're newly diagnosed, finally learning about your ADHD, or suspect you have it, and don't know where to start with all the info available.

  • You want to learn, but your time is limited and you aren't sure who to trust.

  • You're afraid that exhausted is your only speed, but you're ready to switch gears and try something new.

  • You try to live with more peace at home, work, and in relationships, but you're overwhelmed with all the things you need to 'do better' on.

  • You're up for the challenge, you just need a little help from a coach. 

  • You are willing to be a little vulnerable with strangers in a safe space where there is no judgement.

  • You're a little scared, but you're more worried about continuing on the way you are now.


What Thrive Group mamas said

Thrive Group propelled me forward, helped me better understand myself, and feel like there is hope!

Hayley M.

I find myself listening to what my brain needs in the moment more than I ever. Coach Elizabeth has a warm, inviting presence and listens really well. She is someone you just want to be friends with. She clearly knows her stuff!

Emilie V.

I enjoyed the time set aside to invest in me and having other women who get where I'm at, or who say things I identify with. The illustrations used really made things more clear for me.

Anne S.

I better understand some of the basics about ADHD, my brain, and how to work through things that leave me stuck. The tools shared are a very good system for dealing with some of my biggest struggles.

Jennifer K.


What makes Thrive Group special?

It's you, Mama.

Every decision about the group was made with you in mind. I know you are overbooked and exhausted mentally and physically, your time is invaluable and limited. 

You've disqualified yourself from countless personal growth opportunities, but you want things to get better.

Thrive Groups meet for 3 weeks, they're intimate, and focused on the three things most mamas need to begin to manage their overwhelm.

By the end of the Thrive Group, you’ll be able to:

  • see the differences between executive function challenges and your personality, quieting the negative self-talk

  • slow down the tornado brain to preserve relationships with yourself and others

  • coach yourself to assess the latest tip or trick so you don't feel shame when you stop using them

  • appreciate your unique way of doing life and model that for your kids


The Nitty Gritty

Week One: Mom Brain Deluxe

How your neurobiology impacts your days

Week Two: In My Feelings

ADHD, hormones, and feelings

Week Three: Coaching Yourself

Learn to solve your problems YOUR way


Ask yourself

  • What if just one thing you learn in the Thrive Group shifts your thinking from 'never enough' to 'progress matters'?

  • How will you get the support you need to move forward in confidence? 

  • How much longer will you tolerate the daily grind of motherhood without any support?


Thrive Group FAQ

When does the group meet?

We meet three times on Thursday evenings at 7:30PM CST for 90 minutes. The group runs most months and specific dates are announced well in advance.

What does it cost?

The cost for each mama is $89. That covers the three meetings, messaging support among the group and directly from Coach Elizabeth (via GroupMe app), and the course workbook shared at the end for reference.

Are the sessions recorded?

No. In order to make it a safe place where everyone feels safe to share and process, I never record the sessions. If you sign up for the group, I ask that you make it a priority to attend all three sessions.

How big is the group?

I limit the group to no more than six, so all mamas have a chance to share.

If there is more interest one round, applicants will either be offered a second meeting time option or asked to defer participation until the following month. 

Do you have to have ADHD to participate?

While some of the information is geared toward those with an ADHD diagnosis (or suspect that have it), the majority of the content is applicable to any mother who is struggling to get things done, focus, break down difficult projects, and battling emotional dysregulation related to stress, anxiety, or depression. 

I ask about diagnoses as part of the intake process to help me tailor the content, as needed.

Do you ever have an option for women who are not mothers?

Yes! There's a place on the application to note if you are a mother. On occasion I will run a parallel group for all women when I know there is interest.