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Somatic Healing

Moving through a world not designed for you can be traumatizing, especially in the absence of empathetic witnesses and supportive spaces. I partner with clients to build somatic awareness and skills to help their nervous system heal so they can live more fully on their own terms.

Somatic Experiencing®

We tend to believe that trauma is caused by some sort of “catastrophic” or “significant” event. This, however, is not always the case. Prolonged circumstances can also lead to trauma. Trauma can be caused by such things as:

  • financial struggles

  • racism

  • ableism

  • receiving hard news

  • bullying

  • not fitting in; persistent negative feedback from peers

  • assault

  • stress at work or home

  • a car accident

  • separation from a loved one

  • marginalization

  • ongoing physical, emotional or sexual abuse

  • injury or illness

  • child abuse

  • death of a loved one or pet

  • ageism

  • earthquake, tornado, or hurricane

  • invasive medical procedures
    (not an exhaustive list)


It’s important to note that trauma can come out of present circumstances as well as past circumstances.

Regardless of the scope, if you’ve experienced emotional or physical trauma you may find it hard to show up for your life in the way that you would like. High levels of stress, in addition to trauma, can cause disruption in the nervous system. This, for example, can result in panic attacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia, social isolation, difficulty managing daily life, heightened sensitivity, and digestive issues.

Cognitive therapy can be very helpful. However, research shows that the re-telling of a traumatic event over and over can actually be re-traumatizing. In order to restore a sense of safety and well-being, trauma must be resolved at the body level through the nervous system.

The lifework of Peter Levine, PhD, Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a safe and effective way to help you recover from various levels of trauma and overwhelming stress.

As a student in my final year of Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training, I will help to facilitate your ability to safely and gently release the shock of unresolved trauma that has become stuck in your nervous system and muscles.

Through various gentle and effective exercises, you will learn to work with a heightened awareness of body sensations allowing highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged. This is done, in part, by breaking a traumatic experience into small, incremental steps, thus, allowing your system to renegotiate rather then re-live or re-enact trauma. You will learn ways to ground and settle your system as well as strengthen boundaries.

This work can result in many benefits such as:

  • relief of stress symptoms

  • greater vitality and aliveness

  • an ability to set healthy boundaries

  • a greater ability to focus

  • diminished pain, anxiety, and fatigue

  • an overall sense of well being

  • a greater capacity to participate in one’s life

Sessions are creative and collaborative. You will leave with tools and resources to help you to calm and center yourself. You may become less triggered by life’s ups and downs. For many, SE can be life-changing.

I integrate SE into coaching sessions and provide SE-only sessions to clients. If you're interested in working together, please complete the contact form at the top of the page.

*Elizabeth Brink and Thriving Sister Coaching make no claims, promises or guarantees and does not make medical diagnoses or provide medical or psychological treatment. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

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