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You've Got Questions

What is somatic coaching?

The somatic coach brings structure and safety for the client to process and problem solve their challenges through connection with their inner world and body.

We set goals based on areas of life the client wants to better understand and manage. During each session, the client brings a topic they'd like to explore. We'll get specific on what they want to accomplish during the session and then we'll spend time unpacking the topic.

Many neurodivergent people are disconnected from their internal experience, though they may also sense something intense going on. It's common for my clients to start out feeling confused, agitated, despondent, or afraid of their inner critics.

The reflection and unpacking in a coaching session may involve a variety of modalities, including body-based, or somatic, practices, Inner Relationship Focusing, Internal Family Systems, and cognitive processing.

This hybrid approach helps the client deepen awareness and wisdom about their current issue with input from their body.

Wondering how somatic coaching could help you? Let's connect! Fill out the contact form in the top right corner of the page. I'll look forward to hearing from you!

Who do you work with?

I am open to working with anyone who is struggling to manage life without overwhelming shame about how they do things.

I primarily work with adults who identify as (or suspect they are) neurodivergent.

The neurodivergent label encompasses a wide range of sub-categories, including ADHD, Autistm, Anxiety, OCD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, PTSD, Dysgraphia, and many more.

What are your fees?

Coaching is pre-paid by the month through an online autopay subscription managed through Stripe.

Check out my full list of services and fees HERE.

Full time coaching packages include three coaching sessions (45-55 minutes each) and unlimited support by email and text. The current monthly rate is $450.

Once a full month of coaching is completed, I offer alternate packages of twice a month sessions. After 4-6 months of coaching, maintenance coaching once a month or as-needed is available.

I ask clients to expect to work with me full-time for at least two months, but there is no limit on how long we continue. Most clients work with me for six to eighteen months.

Coaching client spots open up in an unpredictable way as readiness to graduate happens at different rates.

Please complete the contact form at the top of the page to get on the list.

Payment plans are available without penalty.

​Couples coaching is available upon request.

What can coaching improve?

Coaching can improve a variety of daily life and work.

The client's goals are identified in the first two sessions, and revisited periodically. Some things my clients are working to improve include

  • self-acceptance and knowledge

  • time awareness + estimating

  • setting + remembering goals

  • breaking down projects + tasks

  • prioritization, organization, + planning skills

  • decision making, self-confidence, + reducing shame

  • your responses to challenges

  • managing negative emotions, triggers, + energy​

  • communicating + connecting with others 

What happens in a coaching session?

We'll start by setting an overarching goal to work on together and then each session we'll dig into a related topic of your choice.

It's fine if another topic bubbles up, but the goals will ensure you get what you most need from coaching.

Each session, I'll ask you to define the topic, identify any objectives for the discussion, and determine the success measures so we know you got what you needed.

We'll spend the bulk of the session exploring the topic utilizing a variety of modalities based on what comes up and client's interest / comfort.

When do sessions take place?

We'll meet for 45-55 minutes each week during the first three weeks of the month. I do my best to keep clients at a set day and time slot.

I am located in the Central time zone and see clients most days of the week between 9:30AM and 3PM CST. I currently do not offer any evening or weekend session times.

Can I book a consult to learn more?

YES! I love meeting with people.

Complete the form here to be added to the wait list. I'll be in touch to connect as space opens up.

I look forward to meeting you! 

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