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Healing & growth for neurodivergent people

Education & support for those who care about them

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Individual Coaching

For the overloaded human who is ready to get to the root of what's in your way. You need direct support as you work to get unstuck from internal and external chaos. Standard coaching sessions are 45-50 minutes three times per month.

Coaching is pre-paid by the month. Each month includes three sessions to be used during that month. The last week of the month is off for integration. The current monthly rate is $450.

Openings are unpredictable as each client's journey is unique. Fill out the form and I'll be in touch when spaces are available.

Support Group

Consultation for Supportive People

As a supportive person it can be difficult to know how to collaborate with the neurodivergent people in your sphere of influence.

These one-time consultations are designed to give you an opportunity to reflect and consider ways to better partner with others. We can center on a specific issue, a pattern, or general Q&A about neurodivergence.

The 75-minute session is $225 and may be attended by up to two people.

Spaces are first come, first served with limited availability. Shorter follow up sessions available upon request.

Friendly Conversation

Professional Consultation

Professional consultations are for other helping professionals who want to deepen their understanding and sharpen tools for supporting their neurodivergent clients / patients.

This 30 minute session is $75. Multiple sessions can be booked, and longer sessions are available by request.

Working Comfortably

The Enclave

The Enclave is a private membership for neurodivergent women, femmes, and non-binary folks. We learn and grow together through group support and coaching. 

Now you can finally talk about the things that really matter without the chaos of traditional social media spaces.

Join today for just $35 a month.​

We have several ways to connect: online daily priorities posts, body double/co-working sessions, weekly topics and exclusive articles related to neurodivergent life, special events, and add-on live meetings.

The Collaborative meets within The Enclave twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Mondays at 7PM CST where I present on a topic and facilitate an experience and discussion on it. This add-on is $40 a month.

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I offer custom workshops for organizations, companies, and groups on a variety of topics. Some recent programs I've run include:

  • Distractability for Entrepreneurs

  • Building Somatic Awareness to Ignite Creativity and Problem Solve

  • Supporting the Neurodivergent People in Your Life

  • Mapping Your Nervous System for Greater Self-Partnership

I work with the client to develop an engaging experience for their group. Workshops are delivered via Zoom. Some availability for in-person in greater Kansas City, MO area.

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