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My Favorite People, Podcasts, & Places


Coaches I Trust

  • Jessica Kennedy began as a professional organizer and expanded into coaching through the same training program with me. She coached me, and is highly skilled at holding space and creating safety. Her website is not fully updated and only has her professional organizing stuff on it right now, but I highly recommend her!     

  • Liz Lewis is a researcher, writer, trained coach, and the founder of The Enclave. As a mother and former educator, Liz brings a practical approach to unlearning shame-based patterns and embracing your whole self. 

  • Emily Zilber is a gifted and intuitive coach. She's coached me, partners with me in leading a group program, and I highly recommend her. 

  • Sandra Coral brings deep knowledge of intersectional identities and works with people worldwide. She also has a Patreon, a podcast, and IG feed.

  • Samantha Cooper offers individual and group coaching, and utilizes a lot of modalities in her coaching. I've learned a lot from them and respect their work. 

Body-Based (Somatic) Modalities

You may have heard me talking about body-based healing and wondered where to start your own journey. This is a list of modalities you can search in your area to find a practitioner.

Listen Up

These are my current favorite podcasts on a variety of topics. Not all podcasts are created equal, so be sure to consider the host's credentials and not just the download count. Search in any podcast app!

  • Neurodivergent Life

    • Neurodivergent Narratives - Sandra Coral

    • Translating ADHD - Cam & Shelly

    • HealthyADHD - Liz Lewis

  • Personal Growth

    • Maintenance Phase

    • Rebel Eaters Club

    • ShrinkRap Radio

    • Professional Troublemaker

    • On Being with Krista Tippett