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Life in Transition

We have a lot of practice with transitions. So why the hell do they still feel so tricky?

Measuring Up to What?

For many neurodivergent folks, the drive to strive is a trauma response resulting from negative feedback and missed opportunities.

When a Request Turns Into a Negotiation

Many neurodivergent folks' needs were dismissed or criticized as children causing them to default to persuasion rather than negotiation.

Ask Your Body

Many neurodivergent folks operate at a baseline with some activation, which isn’t always something we can just choose to turn off.

To Strategize or Not to Strategize?

Problem-solving can be helpful, but sometimes we can find so many solutions we get stuck. I help us to break through the noise to solutions.

Sitting with Our Boredom

Does boredom make you restless or even want to take a nap? It might have something to do with being neurodivergent.

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What's on my mind

I love to write, but sometimes I need a place to try on ideas. Hear my 'rough draft' thoughts on all things personhood, neurodivergent living, and healing in my Sunday letters.

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