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Creating Your Own Path of Success at Work with ADHD

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

In 2020, I learned being your own boss is amazing and complicated.

A lot of people say having ADHD makes you well suited for entrepreneurship.

There are a lot of things in this world that make ADHD feel like the disorder it’s been labeled, for me entrepreneurship is one of them.

I love my work - like I’ve never felt about a job ever.

But, setting up a business and making sure all the legal and tax T’s are crossed is not ADHD friendly.

My neurotype and upbringing enabled me to be brave and act like I knew what I was doing until I actually knew. And you know what? It was exhilarating to succeed in helping (200+!) ADHD women. Not to mention, all of the incredible souls who connect with me on Instagram.

I used to carry a lot of confusion and embarrassment for the winding path of my career and life choices. I didn’t see them as a path for a long time, because they didn’t string together “properly.”

The truth is the cohesive story my resume tells is about ME, not about my jobs or “hard skills.”

When you zoom out from today and look back, what are some of the themes you notice across your life?

My themes are people, communication, and coordination. When I look at my resume with those in mind, I see the story so clearly. It took many years to uncover the path.

It still isn’t a straight line, and that's okay.

My last job before coaching was helping run a strategy consulting firm.

The on-ramp for me was accessible because of opportunities and privileges that I did not earn.

I’m grateful to those who took a chance on me, but also discouraged by the lack of that generosity for others. I’d like to change that.

From the beginning, I knew some things about starting a business. My mother ran a daycare in our home. I watched her manage everything from finances and client services to providing the service to the children in her care. My mother was bold, capable, and charming. My father was an attorney who taught me the value of kindness in collaboration, and the importance of asking for help.

When the time came to ‘fake it’ I realized my body held the raw materials to leap.

Are you thinking about a career change? What raw materials within you and your experiences could support your efforts? What energizes you and feels easy? Start there.

Not everyone wants to run their own business. That is OKAY. We need you in whatever places you find yourself drawn and empowered to bring your best self forward. Perhaps that is at your local market or at a company’s reception desk.

If you feel ashamed of where you’ve landed, please know you are not alone. Modern day career paths are confusing and complicated. You may need support discovering your genius and passions.

Here are a few great resources to check out:

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