Hormones & ADHD

ADHD brings an extra layer to the hormonal cycles of those who menstruate. We need to acknowledge the impacts on day-to-day living.

Big Heavy Feels: Grief & ADHD

When you are more acutely aware of your feelings, as many neurodivergent people are, processing grief is especially challenging.

Some Days I Don't Like Being a Parent

Parenting is hard for any person add in the double whammy of sensory issues and ADHD and you need all the support you can get.

It's Not You, It's Your ADHD

Our neurobiology has a lot to do with how we function every day. It might not be You that's struggling, but how your ADHD is impacting YOU!

Fed is Best

Feeding our kids doesn't have to be a battle every day, sometimes the goal line needs to lower simply to: Fed is Best.

Choosing Rest Choosing Ourselves

Making space for rest as a parent sometimes feels impossible. In reality, it's a necessity to care for ourselves and those we care about.

3 Lies We Tell Ourselves

We don't mean to lie to ourselves, but a lot of influences train ADHD folks well from childhood. Are you lying to yourself?

No Perfect Conversationalists

There are no perfect communicators, but ADHD can impose additional obstacles when interacting with others.

Why is it So Hard To Connect?

We need connection with others, but struggle to prioritize it. ADHD makes it hard to connect with others.

Mom Friends for the Friendless

Making friends as an adult mom with ADHD is hard, the Enclave is a space where you can belong and find friendship.

Reimagining Rest for ADHD Brains

Our lives are filled with obligations, shoulds, and the actual stuff we need to do. Coach Brinks gives some tools for resting holistically

Are You Good At Anything?

The things people with ADHD struggle with are NOT character flaws, though we often see them as personal weaknesses.

Why Am I Stuck?!

It's awful to feel stuck, yet many with ADHD are accustomed to it. Here are 8 reasons you're blocked and questions to help you get unstuck.

3 Ways to Wrangle Interruptions

We're struggling to stay on task and not chase every interruption. Here's three ways I wrangle mine working remotely with two toddlers.


What's on my mind

I love to write, but sometimes I need a place to try on ideas. Hear my 'rough draft' thoughts on all things personhood, neurodivergent living, and healing in my Sunday letters.